Are you listening?

Your data is trying to tell you something. Are you listening? At the Mind Research Network, we’ve been working with big data for decades, resulting in thousands of publications. At Datalytic Solutions, we’re putting that experience to work for you. Streamline the way you capture, organize, and explore your data while maintaining the highest levels of privacy and security. Find the hidden patterns in your data and use them to optimize the way you do business now and predict how you should do business in the future. Your data. Your story. And we’re here to help.

Deep Learning

When our data scientists dug into magnetic resonance imaging data for 1,200 subjects with and without Huntington's Disease, they applied the latest in deep learning. The results were astonishing. The algorithm was able to separate the data into two distinct groups. One with and the other without the disease. But the algorithm also ordered disease severity in a steadily increasing way along the length of the disease group. Without anyone telling it how severe any of the cases actually were! Sometimes the data is already trying to tell you something and all you have to do is listen.

Web Services

A client came to us with a request. Replace nearly twenty years of sticky notes and spreadsheets with a full-featured web service with a front end, back end, and database. Include LDAP authentication. Email reminders when deadlines are on the horizon. Provide for both submission and verification of compliance records. And be ready for an audit at any time! So that's what our team is doing now using a combination of pre-packaged, corporate-friendly solutions. It's amazing how fast you can get things done when you leverage, well ... what's already been done!